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Steps to Prolong the Life of Your Transmission

Your transmission is an important feature that keeps your car running. When your transmission fails, it can be a stressful – and extremely expensive – event. Luckily, there are several things you can do to help your transmission live a long and full life. By following these steps, you can make sure your transmission stays in good repair.

Take in for Regular Service

At the top of the list is having your transmission serviced on a regular basis. This includes fluid and filter changes. Experts say that an annual maintenance service can end up adding years to the life of your transmission.

Routinely Check Your Fluids

While your fluid levels should be part of your annual check-up, it’s a good idea to keep a regular eye on your transmission fluids. This fluid is vital in making sure that your car’s clutch works properly, and that there are adequate levels of both cooling and lubrication. Check your vehicle manual or talk to your local auto repair center to learn what the appropriate level is for your car.

Utilize Fluid Additives

New transmission fluid extends the life of your transmission. With your new fluid, consider purchasing one that has additives designed to help both your transmission’s life and its reliability. While many over-the-counter transmission fluids will boost the number of helpful additives, the most worthwhile fluids can only be purchased at professional transmission centers. Talk to your auto repair shop about what they would recommend.

Install an Auxiliary Coolers

If you have a car or truck that regularly tows trailers, travels over rough terrain, or is responsible for heavy burdens, an auxiliary cooler could go a long way in lengthening the life of your transmissions. All of these conditions create an extreme amount of heat in your transmission, which is the number one cause for failure. By installing an auxiliary cooler, you can make sure the temperatures within your transmission stay within the appropriate levels, no matter what you are asking your vehicle to do.

Take Your Engine in for a Tune-Up

As the technology in the motor vehicle field continues to evolve, there is an ever-increasing relationship between your engine and your transmission. When one is not working properly, it can create a huge strain on the other system. By having your engine regularly tuned up, you can help reduce the potential strain on your transmission.



11 Nov, 2019



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